About Us

We’re a group of #socialmedia gurus that are committed to putting your selfies, dogs, grandkids, artwork, and fun-loving life on display on your smartphone. We use the highest-quality 3D Sublimation process that won’t fade on you when you hit the beach or leave your phone face-down when the sun is shining – we promise. You should live your life in full color. Your phone case should reflect the life you live.

Why choose us over other custom phone cases? Well, we care about you. We created an easy-to-use tool that allows you to design flawlessly, painlessly, and quickly. We know you have a busy life and schedule so designing your case shouldn’t take away from your time. Oh, did we mention we have the highest-quality 3D Sublimation process that ensures colors are vibrant and won’t fade over time? Other brands can’t promise you that.

You should feel good knowing that all our cases are processed in beautiful, sunny, Los Angeles. If our team isn’t satisfied with the quality, we’ll do it again until the quality exceeds your expectations. 

If you love the case you created, have artwork or a design that you want to produce, we want to build a partnership with you. We support budding artists and designers and feel the easiest and quickest way for you to get recognition is having your creation produced on our cases. Our MARKETPLACE allows you to track your sales, profits, and be in control of your little business within our business. Welcome to the family!