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About PicMyCase

We’re a group of  #socialmedia gurus that are committed to putting your selfies, dogs, grandkids, artwork, and fun-loving life on display on your smartphone. We use the highest-quality 3D Sublimation process that won’t fade on you when you hit the beach or leave your phone face-down when the sun is shining – we promise. You should live your life in full color. Your phone case should reflect the life you live.

Why choose us over other custom phone cases? Well, ...

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Want to make some extra cash? Submit your artwork or design and we’ll showcase it! You can easily track your sales, profits, and monetary flow on our MARKETPLACE tab. We foster budding artists with an entrepreneurial spirit and want to build a relationship with you!



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Case Categories

Flexi cases

A uniquely malleable case that offers a flexible and protective layered design to your phone. This case has a slimline design and a low profiled frosted finish. It hugs your smartphone just right.


Snap cases

This slim, chic case offers a high spec design for your phone. It’s impact resistant polycarbonate material is created using space-grade materials. Keeping form and function in mind, it eliminates bulk from the design.


cool design


Tough cases

Made virtually indestructible with its impact resistant polycarbonate outer shell and inner TPU liner for impact resistance, this dual-layered case will keep up with any adventures you have planned. (Or for you super clumsy folks.)


Folio cases

Store cards and cash in one easily accessible place. A stylishly designed folio wallet with faux leather and a flat grey elastic fastener, this case also comes with a stand feature to enjoy all of your media on.


Backpack cases

Enjoy the durability, protection, and material of the tough case while having the functionality and accessibility of the folio wallet case. We've you covered (literally) with the backpack case.

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