At Picmycase we've got you covered, not only with hip unique designs but with the best quality on the market, from the material we use on the cases to the printing method. Our Snap, Tough, Backpack and Folio cases are printed using 3D sublimation method, which is considered to be the most advanced printing method currently available, Sublimation is a chemical process whereby your chosen design goes from a solid to a gas – skipping the liquid stage.

The process starts by printing your chosen design or logo onto special transfer paper using dye sublimation inks. 3D printing uses a special 3D vacuum heat press that allows printing on the sides and back of your phone cases. Once your design has been printed onto the special transfer paper, it is placed on your phone cases in the vacuum heat press; where the sublimation process takes place. The ink will transfer to your phone cases by turning into a gas and then back into a solid once is it on the surface of your phone cases.

Using the sublimation printing method will leave you with extremely durable designs. The ink impregnates your phone cases so that the prints can’t become damaged, wear, flake, or crack.

This process involves a continuous tone output during printing, resulting in smoother brighter colors with more variation. You’re able to print high-quality photographic images and patterns.

Using 3D sublimation printing allows you to print on your phone case if it has a raised surface, opposed to traditional printing methods that can only print on flat surfaces.